Moments | September 30

New series! Each week, we’ll share little moments, thoughts and stories with you.

Our last week in Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, our hotel was free thanks to Beth collecting Starwood points. The last night we even got treated to free drinks thanks to MTV. There was a battle of the bands contest called ALOFT Star, and the finale took place in the lobby bar at our hotel. We saw 5 really good bands, and got free snacks and drinks. The weirdest thing though was that all 5 bands sang in perfect English. I would have expected something different for MTV-Asia, but it fits with what we’ve seen everywhere - it seems everyone speaks at least a little bit of English.

When we head off to the next destination, there are always things that we miss. The sunsets of Greece, fantastic coffee in Zanzibar, the canals of Amsterdam, and the wondrous colors and people of India to name just a few. Even though Malaysia was filled with great hawker food for practically nothing, what I’ll miss most are the Cheezles. Fantastic little rings of puffed cheese, it’s one of the best snack foods I’ve ever had. 

Traveling opens your eyes to different things, and one of them is that the rest of the world has better snacks! 


Though we did see “Cool American” Doritos in Prague (“Cool Ranch” for those state-side), the wide range of unique flavors we’ve seen makes the selection at home seem lacking. Bacon, Chicken, Ham, Prawn, Crab, Salmon, Seaweed, Tomato, Magic Masala, are just a few. Though the UK wins the prize for sheer selection of flavors. We could have made a BBQ chicken sandwich with bacon, tomato, and onion, using nothing but chips and a bun.

Saying farewell to Cheezles, we are now in Laos, our 20th country of the trip. Tokyo, where we started off in January, seems like years ago. At the same time the remaining weeks seem to be flying. It’s amazing at times to think of all the places we’ve visited, yet there are so many more places to go. 

Settling into Luang Prabang has been pretty easy, with the only issue being that it is HOT! Mid-day with the sun beating down quickly leaves you soaked in sweat. It’s so bad that we’ve taken to planning our day around a nap and air-conditioning when it’s hottest. It’s so bad that people on motorbikes and scooters are even using umbrellas to get some shade! We’ve seen some crazy people on motorbikes all over the world. Women riding side-saddle on the back, entire families piled onto one bike, people driving and texting, but the umbrella riders in Laos are the oddest. Not just the passenger, but the driver too. One hand is holding the umbrella, and the other is steering! Often women will have their kids on the back or in a sling while driving the bike, and holding an umbrella, just amazing.

Till next time,