Amsterdam: Bike Capital of the World

I thought D.C. was a bike-centric kinda town, but to my friends back home – sorry, you got nothing on Amsterdam. Here, it’s not even a subculture – it’s part of the culture.

I was shocked by the sheer number of bikes there are in this town. There are 881,000 residents and 811,185 bikes. (Yes – almost as many bikes as there are people!)

Consider for a moment the environmental and health benefits in a city of thousands or even millions of people. There are trams, buses and subways, and of course canal boats – but the primary mode of transportation for residents is a good old fashioned bicycle. According to the latest facts and figures, 57% of Amsterdammers use their bike on a daily basis. 

Hundreds of bikes - parked everywhere.

It seems cyclists have the right of way – whizzing every which way around you. There are bike paths everywhere – even special streetlights for cyclists.

People ride to work on their bikes.

People transport things on their bikes.

People transport their kids.

People talk on their phones.

People listen to their music.

And people look so fashionable doing it. High-heels and skirts - no problem!

People even have these cute foldable bikes. 

Ride Like a Local

No visit to Amsterdam is complete without a bike ride. It's such a great way to get around and see the city. Rent a bike at one of the many bike shops or sign up for a tour. We went with Mike's Bikes and had so much fun. Don't miss this!

Root riding on our bike tour.

That's me!

Our nutty guide telling us some stories and crackin jokes along the way.

I love this bike - whimsical and charming - just like Amsterdam.