On Safari in East Africa: Best of the Rest

From our first moments in Nairobi, to the rustic campsites on our overland tour, and of course on the many games drives and treks, we saw a vast array of exotic and unique wildlife. More than we could ever write about, and some so shy or rare that we only had the chance to get one or two photos. We've selected the best of these to show you.

In Uganda, we trekked through the hot and humid forest to visit a group of chimpanzees at the Budongo Forest Reserve. Thankfully the walk was pretty flat, and completely worth it when, after an hour of searching, we found a group of chimps. Some were high up in the trees, but we got close to this male who was enjoying some jack fruit.

This little guy looks like a rodent but isn't. It's a hyrax, which are more closely related to elephants and manatees. 

We saw vultures throughout our trip in Africa, but the most were in the Masai Mara. The plains there were littered with bleached white bones, and the occasional group of vultures snacking on a corpse.