Moments | November 30

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Traveling and vacationing are two different things. Since January we’ve been traveling the world, seeing fantastic sites, and experiencing so many different things, but it hasn’t always been easy. A vacation is calming and relaxing, where everything is simple. Here in the islands of Thailand, we’ve taken some time to relax and reflect back on all that has happened this year. Sitting at a bar on the beach, watching the sunset and remembering all that we’ve done has been quite a welcome “vacation from traveling.”  

Before we really relaxed, we stopped off at the high-energy all-night party island of Phi Phi. It was amazing how the entire main town on the island is dedicated to drinks and house music. You can buy literal buckets of alcohol everywhere, and every other store is either a tattoo parlor or massage place. The beach at night is lit up with fire shows set to the techno and party music from the bars. Though it was a blast drinking the night away watching the beach-side spectacle, we weren’t too disappointed to move on. 

A quick ferry ride away was the more chilled-out island of Koh Lanta. Cozy mellow bars on the beach play great mixes, and serve fantastic cocktails while the sun puts on a show each evening over the ocean. The sunsets here have been the best we’ve seen all year long.

Things were a bit rough when we arrived in Koh Lanta. Immediately we both got sick, and spent the first few days in our room. Then the rains washed out a few more days. Disappointed our week had melted away and feeling so drawn to the relaxing beach vibe, we did the only sensible thing, stay longer. We extended our visa and decided to stay an extra 10 days. It has been completely worth it.

We got a massage here on the beach

It seems fitting that the last stop on our trip is one of the first things we thought about doing. Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia has always been a fascination. After seeing so many temples and religious places throughout our trip, it only makes sense to end with the largest one in the world.

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