Road Trip to Kathy's with Kitty

Of all the things we’ve been doing to prepare for the trip, one of the saddest was saying goodbye to our cat Cherie this weekend.

Cherie came to us about five years ago from a rescue. Initially she was very scared and skittish but gradually warmed up to us. So much so, that she eventually followed us around the apartment, meowing and snuggling with us on the couch whenever possible.

This week we’re selling off and clearing out a lot of our furniture, but the apartment already seems empty without Cherie.

The trip to Aunt Kathy’s was quite an adventure. Normally it’s an 11-hour road trip to Indianapolis, but it was made that much more challenging by a wintery mix of rain and snow. Due to some pretty treacherous road conditions, we were forced to stop at a hotel on the way there and the way back.

Once we finally arrived, we got a tour of downtown Indianapolis and had a great Scottish meal at MacNiven’s. Kathy offered a unique perspective on the city as a historic preservation architect. We also got to help mix up some Christmas cookies and put up holiday decorations.

Cherie curled up in the back of the car, and only really moved when tempted with some wet food. Let just say that road trips aren’t her thing.

Cherie checking out the room during her first-ever hotel stay. 

We thought lining the pan with aluminum foil was a good idea. Cherie decided it was a good toy and ripped it to shreds!

While we were at Aunt Kathy’s, we helped make some anise Christmas cookies from an old family recipe.

Getting ready to add the brown sugar.

You know the cookies are good when you have to make them in a giant vat!

Forming the cookie dough logs before putting them in the refrigerator overnight.

Aunt Kathy and Beth smile for the camera.

Cherie's new housemates! Sis, Flash, Buddy and Claude.

Buddy, the roundest and most outgoing.



Cherie saying goodbye :(

I don’t know what we would have done without Aunt Kathy’s help. We’re extremely thankful that she so graciously offered to take Cherie in and it makes us feel better knowing that she will be in such good hands over the next year. We’re looking forward to reuniting with Cherie in Portland when we return.