How Planning a RTW Trip is Like Planning a Wedding

We've come to realize there are a lot of similarities between coordinating a trip like this and planning a wedding. Here are a few.


Like a wedding, you can spend $5,000 or $500,000. You can stay in hostels or 5-star hotels. Eat street food or dine at fancy restaurants. Wear clothes you have or buy new and expensive gear. Be your own travel guide or go on guided tours. It’s possible to spend a ton of cash, as much as it is to travel on the cheap. But no matter the price tag, the experience is hugely meaningful and life-changing.

The Dress / The Pack

Ah yes. The careful selection of the all-important dress / backpack. You scrutinize the details… the material and color, the pockets and straps. After hours of research and trying on dozens of styles, it nearly brings a tear to eye when you know you’ve found the perfect one! It’s important you select the right size and make all the proper adjustments so it fits correctly.

The Photos

To capture the moments and memories, you invest a great deal of time and energy into photography. Looking back at the photos years from now, you hope to remember every experience and emotion, every sight and sentiment.

Time to Plan

Planning a wedding or round-the-world trip can be a time consuming and stressful process, with lots of large and small tasks and decisions to make. If you’re spontaneous, you might throw caution to the wind and hop on a plane to Vegas. If you are really focused and productive, you might condense coordination down to a few short months. If you’re a planner, you’ll want to take a year or more to prepare at a comfortable pace.


Everybody’s got 'em, and they’re not afraid to share them with you. You'll get a mix of enthusiastic supporters, constructive advisors and negative naysayers, but in the end the only “right” decisions are the ones that feel right to you. Keep an open mind and hear people out, but know that it’s your day/your trip. Make it your own and don’t look back!