The Move and Ode to DC

We are officially homeless! On Friday we sorted and purged and packed through the night (with the back pain to prove it). The movers came and put our stuff into a pod that will be stored nearby until we are ready for it in Portland.

Small, eh? We were able to fit our bed, a small loveseat couch and bench, a few special wood pieces, lots of clothes and kitchen stuff, etc.  The rest we sold, gave away and delivered to Goodwill.

Packing up our stuff for storage.

As we rest and recuperate at Root’s parents’ house in Maryland, we’re reflecting back on our years in the D.C. area and all the family and friends we will miss. Root has always lived in Maryland, with his parents and sister Jen nearby. I’ve been here for the last 14 years, so this is really where we both came into our own.

The Farris Family. Beth, Jon, Jon's mother Claire, our niece Jessica, our brother-in-law Myke, our niece Amanda, Jon's father Ron, and Jon's sister Jen.

The District itself has changed so much over the past decade that some neighborhoods are barely recognizable. From Columbia Heights to 14th Street, Chinatown and H Street, NOMA and U Street, Washington D.C. offers a diverse and culturally rich experience beyond the government machine. The dance community is particularly strong, and one we both got involved in at one time or another. Our first dates were spent taking swing dance classes at Jam Cellar and with the legendary Tom & Debra.

Showing off our swing dance moves at our wedding

And then there was Sahara Dance, where I took classes in both traditional and experimental styles of belly dance. The women I danced with and learned from there were nothing short of incredible. Women of all ages and walks of life dancing together to experience the joy, empowerment, sisterhood and beauty of this ancient art form…it’s something I’ll never forget.

Shout out to the Raqs Caravan Urban crew! Here we are performing in May 2011.

We’re headed up to New York today. But as we say in D.C. – y’all have a nice holiday!