Looking Forward To: INDIA

Strolling through spice markets and vibrant bazaars. Riding rickshaws. Drifting on the sacred river Ganges. 

Trekking through Buddhist villages. Marveling at the Taj. Visiting ancient Hindu temples and forts.

Witnessing curious religious rituals. Eating flavorful cuisine. Wandering a couple of the world’s most densely populated cities.

These are just a few of the experiences we’ll have during our five-week stay in India.

If climbing Mount Everest is the ultimate thrill for adventure seekers, and if Mecca is the ultimate pilgrimage for Muslims, then India it seems, must be the ultimate challenge for travelers.

India will be dizzying and intense, mystical and enchanting, noisy and chaotic. I expect no country will be more difficult, fascinating and unforgettable.

Photo by Trekking Partners

Golden Triangle

We’ll arrive in Delhi and get acclimated with a two-week guided tour of the “Golden Triangle” – an area in central India known for its extraordinary history and culture. The tour will take us through Delhi, Jaipur, Abhaneri, Agra, Orchha, Alipura, Khajuraho and Varanasi, and allow for plenty of time to explore on our own, while still providing the convenience of handling all travel logistics and accommodations.

Photo by Aaron Geddes

Cosmopolitan Contrasts

After the tour we’ll head to Mumbai for a week and get a taste of modern India. It’s been called a city with a dual identity, at once flamboyantly materialistic and yet desperately poor. Home to glitzy Bollywood films and India's largest slum population, filled with both modern skyscrapers and colonial landmarks, Mumbai will offer a paradox of experiences.

Mountain Monasteries

Our last stop is North East India, where we’ll experience a more peaceful, rural side of the country in the Himalayan foothills bordering Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Our good friend Wanchuk, a native of Sikkim who co-owns mad momos here in D.C., inspired us to go there. (“Momos” by the way are what they call dumplings in this part of the world and they are delicious!!) We're looking forward to meeting up with Wanchuk’s family, visiting the many beautiful Buddhist monasteries in the area, and enjoying the natural beauty of the region over long hikes. 

photo by asgems3