Shaken & Stirred: Mixed Emotions

We’re doing some writing ahead of actually publishing the blog and as I’m writing this blog post we’re exactly 67 days away from leaving the country. I know this because, Root – being the clever software engineer that he is – set up a spreadsheet in our Google Doc that automatically updates. Today it’s telling me we have:

  • 67 days until we leave on our first flight
  • 55 days until we leave for New York
    (to spend Christmas with my family and then leave from Newark airport)
  • 48 days until our last day at work
  • 20 days until we give our jobs notice

As the days count down the mix of emotions we’re feeling are surreal, sweet and sour.

As a cocktail recipe it’d look like this:

  • 1 part anxiety
  • 1 part excitement
  • 1 part impatience
  • and a dash of “holy %$&^$ are we really doing this?!?”

Last night I couldn’t sleep again. Too many things buzzing around in my head. Yesterday, Root had a dream that we were already on the trip and then woke up only to feel really disappointed.

The anxiety comes from thinking about our (very ambitious) itinerary, our (still long) to-do list, and our (long-kept) secret at work, soon to be revealed. So much to do, both at work and at home. Friends and family to see. Stuff to sell and store. Doctors to see and weight to lose. Flights to book and visas to get.  

And it’s followed by waves of excitement, wonder and anticipation of all the new things we’ll see and experience. Soon, we’ll be on our way…