Where in the World Are We Going? (Part II)

Yesterday, Beth shared what went into our itinerary planning. As promised, here’s the plan. Our first flight is on January 1st from New York to Tokyo (via Dallas). Although we’re thrilled to be going, Tokyo wasn’t in the original plan. It just so happened that the best flight deal to get us over to that part of the world was to Tokyo.

We will be traveling as far west as Dublin, then down to Africa, then east through Southeast Asia, then back to New York (via Hawaii).


The last 4 months are really just an outline at this point, as we have more research to do and we may also decide to slow down and stay in fewer places longer. In future posts we’ll tell you more about our specific plans in India and Africa.

I’m sure that as we travel and talk to people we meet we’ll get suggestions and hints. What do you think? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.