About Us

Life Plans, Travel Plans

We met in 2007 in Washington, DC and married in 2011 and it wasn’t long before we realized how much we both love traveling. We dreamed of exploring far away places together.

One night Beth mentioned the idea to travel for three months…wouldn’t that be cool? I mean, you can’t go to places like India and go for a week…it just doesn’t make sense.

At the same time, we thought about where we wanted to live and thought about moving to the West Coast. So we decided to do both. Take a year-long career break to travel the world, and then make our way out to Portland.

Point of Departure

Beth was born in Manhattan and grew up in a suburb outside the city. Her family trips included frequent visits to Wyoming to stay with her grandparents in a cabin they built themselves. On her Dad's side, her grandparents are from Ireland, and she was lucky enough to visit twice - at age 10 and 13. But the first real “culture shock” came when she visited Florence a few years after college. Having studied tons of art history in school, it felt fantastically surreal to be in this beautiful old city...like a painting come to life!

Jon (also known as “Root”) was born and raised near Columbia Maryland, a small city South West of Baltimore. In the early years there were long-haul car trips out to see the relatives in Indianapolis. Later, frequent ski trips, including out West to Utah, Colorado, and California (was even in L.A. for the Northridge Quake). After learning German in school, he got to travel to northern Germany with Dad on a work trip. There he learned just how hard it is to order food in a restaurant in a foreign language while severely jet-lagged.

Traveling Together

Our first trip was shortly after we met. We went to Kentucky via Chicago to see one of Beth’s favorite bands, the Black Crowes, and visited with her cousin in Chicago. Many other trips followed. Portland, San Francisco, L.A., Las Vegas, Madison, Nashville, New York, Puerto Rico, Antigua, Germany, Austria, and a honeymoon cruise with stops in Cartagena, the Panama Canal, Costa Rica, Aruba and Jamaica.

What this Blog is All About

The blog will let us record and share our experiences with family, friends and anyone with an interest in travel. In preparing for our trip, we read so many travel blogs and gained knowledge and inspiration from them. We hope to do the same and help others pursue their dreams to travel long-term.


Eye for Exposures

Photography was always one of those things we thought about getting into and the trip motivated us to purchase our first “real” camera. We quickly learned that good photography requires deep technical knowledge as much as it does a creative eye. We’re hoping some of the workshops and classes we took this year will help us capture all the amazing sights and moments we’ll experience next year.


What We Do in the “Un-Real” World

From the early days playing on computers with Dad, to later programming little games on his own, it just made sense for Jon to go into software engineering. Working first at a small design firm, he helped create awesome multimedia museum exhibits, including one at the Experience Music Project. Later he helped create prototype controllers that were used to operate robots and help disabled children use computers.

Over the past 17 years working in marketing communications, Beth honed her skills in copywriting, graphic design, branding, event planning, social media and public relations. In her most recent role, she managed a blog for a software company. After many late nights, tiring trade shows, and confined cubicles, she’s ready to stretch her legs out on the road.


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